Bill Greco

Bill Greco

I have conducted extensive digital marketing research and operations for multiple industries and businesses. My industry experience is highly diversified and includes work within entertainment, special events & festivals, hospitality, bar & restaurant, craft beer, healthcare / pediatrics, and personal growth through training, development & HR tech.

Recently, Google Webmaster Trends Analyst John Mueller commented in a Reddit thread on the value of backlinks from Wikipedia and the return on effort invested into building them.

Goal-setting should be one of the most important elements in your digital marketing strategy. I speak as somebody who has accomplished goals, missed goals, discovered unintended results both positive and negative, and has jumped into projects and tasks completely omitting this fundamentally important step.

Some SEOs have it mastered. Some hardly know how to start. Regardless, this isn’t a new concept for you. Every top-tactics list, every digital marketer will tell you: it’s all about those backlinks.

Hi, and welcome to! I'm Bill, and it's only fitting that our first-ever post provides a wide, but basic overview of some of the most important tactics we as digital marketers incorporate into our work. Despite the simplistic nature of these core areas, we're going to go a little more in depth and provide some perspective you may not have considered.